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We accept these video file formats:

But for best results, we recommend uploading Flash Video (.flv), Quicktime (.MP4) (if you have the option)

Embedding Help:

If your video is already uploaded to another video site, such as YouTube or Vimeo, you can use that embed code to post your video here on BikerPunks.com

Thumbnail Help:

To show a thumbnail of the video you have to upload a thumbnail image. The easiest way is to do a screen capture of the video on the site you are getting it from. Then when you are uploading that video to us, you can attach the screen capture thumbnail that you already saved.

Try to keep the screenshot large like 350px X 350px that way it will be compressed down to size and look good.

Video Size Help:

Also, the code of your video embed must not exceed 655x400 screen size. Your video can be 16:9 (widescreen) but it can't exceed 655 width or 400 height. If it does your video may be chopped or cover other features of the page (such as sharing, rating, and more). If your video's code happens to exceed those numbers, just change those numbers before clicking "upload." ...easy!

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